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Ekornes Stressless Recliner Chair Models by Ekornes. Stressless Seating Furniture products offer some of the finest chairs, recliners and sofas since the early 70s. Built to the highest quality standards, all Genuine Stressless products include a 10 year factory warranty on the internal mechanisms.

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Stressless Max Recliner Swivel Relaxer Chair


Q: What is similar between Stressless® Max/Mike and a traditional Stressless® recliner? The Stressless® Max and Stressless® Mike have an ergonomically shaped back frame in carbon steel with flexo springs. The foam is moulded over the steel frame, just like on the traditional Stressless® recliner. They have the Plus-system which has been motorized with synchronized movements, including automatic motorized adjustment of the lumbar support. It offers lumbar support in the upright position, and as the back is reclined the lumbar support declines while the headrest pushes forward for good head support in reclined position.

Q: How are Stressless® Max/Mike different from most recliners on the market? The Stressless Max and Mike are rocker recliners with integrated footrest and motorized functions. This type of chair is generally placed in a recliner category called "Relaxers", often characterized as large, square and bulky chairs. Our unique selling points are: " Slim and compact design compared to most chairs in the relaxer category " Elegant "hidden" solution on the footrest and larger distance between base and armrests for a lighter and more airy expression.

  • Slim, clean design on footrest mechanism and soft parts.
  • Curves and angled lines to enhance the open, inviting and elegant appearance.
  • The total comfort package with Plus-system, master button and individual adjustments for personal comfort.
  • A master button that allows you to adjust back-, leg-, lumbar- and head support in one synchronized movement.
  • Support to head, back and legs can also be adjusted individually
  • Lumbar support is automatically adjusted when you change the position of the back rest
  • ComfortZones in seat and back

Q: Is this a Zero Gravity chair? Some would define them as Zero Gravity as they put the body in a horizontal position. This helps to distribute the body weight evenly, thereby reducing the strain on muscles and bones. They are however not Zero Gravity in the sense that the feet are elevated higher than the heart.

Q: Is there a manual alternative, like on the other Stressless® recliners with Power? There is no alternative of manually operating the functions, all functions are motorized.

Q: Are these chairs available with battery? Yes, battery is available as an add-on.

Q: If I order a chair with battery, will it be assembled when I receive it? Yes, the battery will be assembled from the factory if it is ordered at the same time as the chair. It is also easy to assemble if it is ordered as an addition later.

Q: How is the battery recharged? The Recharging of battery is done with the standard power supply. Same connection point as with direct power.

Q: How often will the battery need to be recharged? Estimated 150 cycles. When the battery is 94% discharged it sends out a buzz sound. For the sake of security and lifetime of the battery, it will take about 13 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery is located inside the mechanism on top of the swivel plate.

Q: Can the chairs use battery from another supplier? No third party batteries should be used. UL962 and all safety tests are done with the Stressless battery. A product with another battery will not be in compliance with UL 962. Do not modify the product by using other batteries. Other use is only permissible with written permission from the manufacturer. The manufacturer does not assume liability for damages which result from disregarding this provision.

Q: What kind of battery do we use? It is a lithium ion battery, delivered by Kintec Solutions (25,2V, 4000 mAh).

Q: Is it possible to adjust the angle of the headrest and leg rest individually? Yes.

Q: What size of person are these chairs suitable for? Both Stressless models are available in three sizes. The difference lies both in the width of the seat and the height of the chair (including rotation point for lumbar- and head support). The swivel can also be ordered in different heights, for adaption of seat height in all three sizes. People come in so many shapes and sizes and we will not give any recommendations on person heights for each of the sizes.

Q: What is the weight limit for a person sitting in these chairs? 130 kg / 286 lbs.

Q: Do the chairs have 360-degree swivel? Yes

Q: What kind of mechanism is used in these chairs? The Stressless motion glider mechanism is developed in collaboration with Leggett&Platt. Patent pending. This is the first high leg / bottom free / pedestal mounted glider on the market.

Q: Who supplies the motor and mechanism? Kintec Solutions supplies the electrical system. The mechanism is from Leggett & Platt.

Q: Does Streslsess have an extended guarantee? Stressless has a 10-year warranty on the internal mechanism, 5-year warranty on electrical parts, motor, heating and massage, and 2-year warranty on the battery.

Q: Are there different bases available? There is only one base design available for Stressless® Max and Mike, and it is called Moon base. It's disc shaped, available in brushed steel or beech (8 stain colours - the same as for Stressless® recliners). Note that this is not the same base as the Disc base for Stressless® Sam and Scott.

Q: Which leather covers are available? A: All colors in the Paloma and Pioneer quality.

Q: What can we do if the chairs stop working like they should? First try to unplug the chair and plug it back in. If this does not work, try resetting the control panel by following these steps: " Press the HOME-button and the leg rest extension button at the same time for about 9 seconds until it starts flashing. " Unplug the chair and plug it back in. " Run a full cycle by pressing the "Home" button for 30 seconds until the chair stops moving. If unplugging or resetting the chair don't work the chair must be handled by service personnel.

Q: The chairs stop rocking as I recline. Is there something wrong with the chair? When you recline the back you come to a point where the rocking will affect the stability of the chair. A specially designed locking feature locks the glide motion as the ottoman opens. Allowing you to recline further with the ottoman active.

Q: Where are Stressless® Max and Mike manufactured? The chairs and the steel base are developed by the Stressless® product development department in Norway, in cooperation with Kintec and Leggett&Platt. They are manufactured at the IMG plant in Thailand. The wood base is manufactured at the Tynes plant in Norway.

Q: The gliding and swiveling motions are unique - what creates that motion? The rocking movement is created by front and rear swing links with sealed precision ball bearings installed on each end of the swing. A specially designed locking feature locks the glide motion as the leg rest opens. The swivel action comes from the tapered lock swivel column.

Q: Does the swivel have return-to-front? The swivel does not have return-to-front. With the leg rest extended, a return-to-front function would always turn the chair to defined "front" position, which could be annoying if the person sitting in the chair needs to face a different angle.

Q: What is the recommended distance from wall in reclined position? Going from upright to reclined position the chair needs approximately 20 inches/ 50 cm from wall to have clearance for the back. In total recline position the gliding function is locked. The clearance to the wall is no more than a few inches to make sure the headrest can operate freely.

Q: What happens if you lose your phone between the seat and arm? The seat frame is fastened to the armrest. This gives no clearance between the seat and arm, so the phone will be stopped by the seat. The armrest is not moving relative to the seat.

Q: How long does it take to adjust the chair? From upright to TV-position, approximately 11 sec. From TV-position to sleep position 4 sec. From sleep position to HOME (fully upright position) approx. 9 sec.

Q: Where are the motors placed? The motors are placed inside the mechanism in the back foam. They are accessible if service is needed and can be replaced by trained personnel.

Q: How can the maintenance of electronics be done, and is there an opportunity for replacement in the field? Replacement of all electronic components can be done in the field by trained service personnel.

Q: Are there adjustment kits or other ways to adjust the seat height? There are four swivels available, in the following heights: S: 94,5 mm/3,6 inches M: 112,5 mm/4,4 inches L: 132,5 mm/5,2 inches XL: 152.5 mm/6 inches All swivels can be used on any of the three sizes of recliner to increase or decrease the seat height. The seat height listed is with a swivel in the corresponding size (S chair with S swivel etc.).

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Stressless Recliner Chair Clearance Discount Sale

Stressless Recliner Chair Clearance Discount Sale

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