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Equalizer Pro Personal Massager

Where does it hurt? With the Equalizer Pro, pain relief - anywhere you need it - is just a massage away. More than a vibrator, the Equalizer Pro adds versatility and comfort to a powerful deep muscle percussive massage to make you feel better fast, anywhere you have pain.


Delivers a strong, yet comfortable percussive massage to places that really need it, like the neck and shoulders.

Use after your workout to help flush pain-causing lactic acid out of your muscles.



So versatile, you can use it on your feet.

Exclusive Features: Large, scientifically designed "Ergo-Pad II" is more comfortable on sensitive parts of the body like the neck and lower calf, yet still delivers deep-muscle relief. Custom integrated "Power-Push" palm pad lets you direct more pressure where you need it. "Percussion massage" action reaches deep into all layers of your muscles - it goes far beyond the capabilities of less serious vibration massagers. Variable speed control makes it easier to find just the right massage intensity. Rubberized handle for a sure-handed grip.

Specifications: Package Size: 18.75"L x 6.5"D x 6.25"H Weight: 4.11 lbs Plugs into standard wall outlet. Limited one-year warranty on new massagers.

WA-300 - Similar to the EQ-300 with additional heat option.

WA-600 (pictured) - Larger than the WA-300 and similar to the EQ-500C Massager with additional heat option.


Reconditioned Equalizer Pro (EQ-100)- $59.95 Qty: - DISCONTINUED
Reconditioned Equalizer Pro (EQ-500C)- $79.95 Qty: - DISCONTINUED
Reconditioned WA-300 Massager (WA-300) - $69.95 Qty: - DISCONTINUED
Reconditioned WA-600 Massager (WA-600) - $79.95 Qty: - DISCONTINUED
Reconditioned AcuVibe Cordless Personal Massager (AV-1002C-FR) - $29.95 Qty:
Reconditioned Acuvibe 75 Personal Massager + HEAT (AV-75) - $29.95 Qty:

The Acuvibe AV-1002C and EQ-300C are the only Cordless Rechargeble massagers in this group.

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