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The MAGNASSAGER compliments standard physiotherapeutic technique for increasing circulation and easing pain. Practitioners and clinicians will discover the MAGNASSAGER to be safe, efficient, and cost effective. Compared to other therapeutic appliances such as Ultrasound, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation, Thumper® and Shiastu®, it provides a more superior soft tissue manipulation. Its application will accelerate recovery time for athletic and occupational patients. $299.00

Research shows that up to 80% of licensed and certified massage therapist in the US report either carpal tunnel or repetitive motion syndrome at some point in their career. The MAGNASSAGERS ergonomic design could significantly reduce the occurrence of these conditions and actually lengthen the career of many therapists.

Three stainless steel balls are suspended in place by a 1,000 gauss, natural permanent magnet. The gauss (a measure of magnetic force) is transferred to the tissue. This combined with the free rolling motion of the stainless steel balls creates a deep kneading stimulation. There are no irritating vibrations or repetitive thumps and works well over clothing.

Telethermography results have shown that the application of magnets stimulates the autonomic nervous systems, which dilates capillaries and increases localized circulation. Additional therapeutic benefits of the MAGNASSAGER promote: breaking down adhesions; alleviating fatigue, soreness and muscle spasms; realigning scar tissue; reducing inflammation and swelling; increasing systemic blood oxygen and lymph flow; helping to prevent and treat injuries; assisting to clear muscle of lactic acid and carbon dioxide.



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