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WING BACK SUPPORT (13 X 16") w/ strap - Combines both back and side support to help correct posture while supporting the lower back. Use at home, office or car. Use adjustable strap to fit bucket seats. (Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray). Ordering Info. $29.95


TUSH CUSH CAR/COMPUTER SEAT CUSHION (13 X 16") - Made by the same Original Tush Cush Company in a smaller size for smaller seats/chairs. Designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other discomforts associated with sitting. Velour. Great for the car or office chair. MADE IN USA. (Navy, Brown, Charcoal, Black & Tan) Ordering Info. $50

LARGE ORIGINAL TUSH CUSH SEAT CUSHION (14 X 18") - Designed to relieve and prevent back pain, numb buttocks and other discomforts associated with sitting. Cutout section suspends your tailbone (coccyx) reducing pressure on your lower lumbar discs. MADE IN USA. (Navy, Brown, Charcoal, Black & Tan) Available in Standard and EXTRA FIRM. Ordering Info. $52

VITALFOAM MEMORY 5lb SEAT CUSHIONS (16x16x3" or 20x20x3") - Revolutionary technology shapes to your body when you sit on it. Same Memory Foam as our Memory Pillows. Covered in a Blue zippered cover. Ordering Info. $42.95-49.95

INFLATABLE SEAT CUSHIONS - Ordering Info. Only $7.95

THE BED LOUNGE - The Ultimate in seating comfort! Fully Adjustable Back support cushion for use while in bed, reading, working, studying and more. The design encourages proper posture and allows an easily varied amount of lumbar support, encouraging relief and prevention of back pain.   Ordering Info. $138.99

Gym Exercise Balls - Great Back Care exercise! The original ball fitness and wellness gym exercise balls. These burst-resistant exercise balls are now being used by people of all ages and abilities to improve: Balance, Coordination, Strength, Flexibility, Posture, Back Care and Cardiovascular Fitness. Include exercise ball, exercise chart and pump(deluxe packages). Ordering Info. $14.95 - $179.95

SLEEP KNEE SPACER SPINE RELIEVER CUSHION - Between your knees leg Cushion that supports your spine in the natural position allowing tense muscles to relax. The contoured thigh supports fit around your knees holding the pillow in position. Front and rear bumpers prevent you from rolling onto your stomach.   Ordering Info. $19.95
DELUXE BETTER BACK BACKCARE SYSTEM - Original Multipurpose Seat for Back Pain Relief. Helps your spine maintain the correct posture. Portable and Foldable. Optional TEMPUR® Memory Foam.
Ordering Info. $149 - $229
ADJUSTABLE LEG CUSHION - Economical Compact Solution to help reduce hip, ankle, lower back and leg pain. Fully adjustable wedge is ideal for relieving stress or strain on the spine and lower body. Three layer (6 in.-mild , 8 in. –moderate & 10 in. – maximum) design provides customized support for your legs while laying on your back. .  Ordering Info. $74.95

COMFORT U BODY SUPPORT PILLOW - a generously oversized U-shaped pillow, long enough for you to stretch out and support both sides of your body. Cradle your body to help eliminate tossing and turning, keeping your neck, shoulders,back and hips aligned all night long. The Comfort-U pillow makes a great support for reading, nursing, watching TV. Enhances support during pregnancy. Ordering Info. $119.95

TRIM REST SUPPORT (13 X 14 X 2.25") w/ strap - ideal for use in the car, office or home. Its gentle curve supports the back and help maintain proper posture. Includes Adjustable Strap. (Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray) Ordering Info. $16.95

COMFORT ZONE PERSONAL MASSAGER - (11" x 5 1/2" x 2 1/2") massaging action relieves tired, aching muscles. Enjoy a neck and shoulder massage while sitting, working or resting. Revive tense, tired muscles. Invigorates you to make it though the day! Relax tired, sore muscles after a workout. Perfect for home or office.  Compare at $29 Ordering Info. ONLY $11.95 2/ 19.95

D-ROLL SUPPORT (14 X 8 X 3.5") w/ strap - Great for supporting the neck, legs or the low back. Includes adjustable strap to keep in place. (Royal Blue, Khaki, Black, Navy Blue, Pearl Gray). Ordering Info. $16.95

ADJUSTABLE AIR FULL BACK CUSHION - The design encourages proper posture and allows an easily varied amount of lumbar support, encouraging relief and prevention of back pain. The inflatable air chamber may be moved up and down within the support. The contoured shape of this support reduces lateral disc bulging. (18" w X 20" h) Ordering Info. $59.95

Up Lift Seat Assist Cushion - Weighing only 9 pounds, The Lift Up Seat Assist Cushion is a self-powered lifting cushion that assists you gently up and down from any armchair or sofa. This gentle action relieves stress and strain on painful joints, and eliminates the need to "rock" out of your seat. Flattens for easy transport.. Ordering Info. $145.00 

THE SPINE RELIEVER BACK SUPPORT BED WEDGE - The Spine reliever Back Support Bed Wedge with adjustable head rest. 1" of viscoelastic memory foam topping for your comfort. Contours to your body for optimal support to relieve back pain. Two reclining positions. It lets you sit upright in bed.  Ordering Info. $95.95

ERGONOMIC KNEELING OFFICE COMPUTER CHAIRS - Ergonomic kneeling chair that is best suited for short term sitting. By easing the hips forward, it encourages an upright posture, aligning the back, shoulder and neck thereby easing discomfort and pain. - More Information - $109 - $269


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